Mother reflects on tragic loss of son in Pine Lawn murder

PINE LAWN, Mo. – The Major Case Squad is no longer investigating the death of 36-year-old Quintell Harris, who was found dead at a gas station last weekend in North County.

Harris was found dead on May 6 outside the Phillips 66 gas station in the 6100 block of Natural Bridge Road.

“He went down there to Natural bridge to the Philips 66 station to use the ATM machine,” said his mother Mercy Dee Harris. “And God why did he do that? He got robbed and killed.”

Harris said the loss is devastating. With the Major Case Squad now leaving the investigation, she’s worried that whoever is responsible for killing her son might never be found.

“The majority of the murderers never get found,” she said.

The Major Case Squad joined the investigation last weekend, but Harris wondered how long it would last.

“This investigation can only go on for so long before they drop it and leave it alone,” she said.

Lt. Joey Nickles with Ellisville Police Department confirmed her belief as North County Cooperative will continue the investigation now.

“We have exhausted all the potential leads. We wish there was more to go on. We’re sorry for her loss,” Lt. Nickles said.

Now, Harris is facing the reality that she may never know who killed her son.

“There has got to be a better way, somehow or another for a change to come, especially St. Louis. I mean its every day,” Harris said.

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