Steve Pankey back in court following partial mistrial

GREELEY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Weld County District Attorney will have a decision to make Monday afternoon, whether or not to refile charges against Steve Pankey, the man accused of murdering and kidnapping Jonelle Matthews.

Matthews disappeared from her home in Greeley on Dec. 20, 1984. Her remains were found in July 2019 at a construction site.

Partial mistrial for Steve Pankey; no verdict on murder, kidnapping charges

A jury could not reach an agreement on whether Pankey was guilty of murder and kidnapping in the case. The jury did find him guilty of lying to authorities.

Pankey is scheduled to be back in court on 1:15 p.m. Monday. The hearing will address whether or not the state will refile three charges related to murder and kidnapping, but also discuss the bond and sentencing for a guilty verdict on lying to authorities.

Greeley community remembers Jonelle Matthews as jury deliberates Steve Pankey murder trial

Pankey took the stand during the final days of the trial, and said that he is a liar, not a murderer.

“The truth is that I made a lot of stuff up out of bitterness for things that happened to me at Sunny View and for things that happened to me at 7UP and my revenge on them was to, and because I hated the police, it was all in one to say ‘I’ve got information that you want and you can’t have it,’” Pankey said on the stand. “It was a polite way of flipping the bird. It was pure hatred at that point.”

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